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Our commitment

An involved corporate citizen by nature, DTP goes to great lengths both in France and abroad to preserve natural resources and has entered into a long-term commitment as part of a Sustainable Development approach. Boasting a management system certified as fully compliant with the ISO 9001, OHSAS 18001 and ISO 14001 international standards, the company is able to devote its undivided attention to a number of key concerns:


  • Reducing fuel consumption thanks to the implementation of a "green driving" guide and specific training modules intended for construction vehicle drivers.
  • Optimising the consumption of water, natural resources, quarried materials, transport distances and costs.
  • Focusing on the carbon footprint, through its inclusion in DTP project bids via CarbonEco®: a Bouygues Construction proprietary software dedicated to calculating greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Ensuring biodiversity, a solid commitment backed by the company, as manifested by a practical action plan and a proactive approach relayed by a group of high-quality partners (Noé Conservation).
  • Adopting a set of working procedures that respect biodiversity principles and preserve the environment and local quality of life.
  • Providing training, as a critical tool for integration, promotion, professional development and adaptation relative to changes in the building trades.


Power shovel - St Genix sur le Guier
Motorway A41 - cows Bold commitment : biodiversity