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Our approach

DTP's Technical Division is involved during early project stages in proposing alternative, productive and environmentally-friendly solutions. Thanks to an innovative approach dedicated to Sustainable development, DTP teams are responsible for ensuring effective project guidance from a social, environmental and economic standpoint. The successful management of multidisciplinary and complex projects also relies on an enhanced fleet of equipment.


Moreover, the company has adopted a proactive stance towards training all vehicle drivers in "green driving" techniques. This strategy is intended to improve safety while reducing CO2 emissions by means of both optimising and lowering fuel consumption. In addition, the company has been concentrating efforts on decreasing its use of water in limiting dust at worksites. These actions all lie within the scope of an agreement signed with France's National Public Works Federation (FNTP), comprising a series of quantitative and long-term objectives. For its part, CarbonEco®, the greenhouse gas emissions calculation software specifically designed for jobsites by the Bouygues Group, was rolled out in 2009 within the Technical Divisions, offering DTP the opportunity to distinguish itself through submitting "low carbon" bids.


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Burkina Faso - firemen training Motorway A41