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Our service offering

The capacity to implement a full range of specialisations in-house: earthworks, drainage, pavements, engineering structures, and mining operations.

Providing added value in each of these specialisations

  • A network of experts in the fields of Geotechnical engineering, Road design and Hydraulics, Survey, Methods and Costing, and the Environment, in addition to considerable R&D capacity dedicated to these fields;
  • In-house maintenance of a large fleet of equipment;
  • Strong capacity to mobilise the logistical, technical and human resources for fast-tracking the launch and execution of projects;
  • Ability to manage projects in very remote areas.

Broadening our service offering to full project management

  • Driving design-build-maintenance responsibilities on structural works: engineering team coordination, supervision of partners to achieve overall project optimisation;
  • Financial and legal engineering:assisting with project development in France, Africa and worldwide;
  • Partnerships: mines, ports, airports.

Benefitting from our affiliation with Bouygues Construction

  • Client-centered culture
  • Projects focused on human well-being
  • Backing of an international and versatile Group.

Sustainable construction
As an engaged partner, DTP extends its efforts in France and abroad to conserve natural resources and moreover has made a long-term commitment to pursue a Sustainable Development-oriented strategy. As part of its corporate policy, DTP has successfully developed a line of dedicated and customised solutions that meet clients' needs across the various stages of their projects.