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Equipment fleet

DTP relies on an extensive fleet of heavy machinery, providing the company with high production capacity and along with it the flexibility to meet tight deadlines in satisfying client demands, while respecting stringent safety and environmental standards. DTP performs all maintenance internally, which constitutes a critical advantage when working in Africa or at remote sites. As owner of its materiel resources, DTP stands behind over 1,300 pieces of earthmoving equipment, including 300-t power shovels, hybrid machines and "green" excavators (i.e. electric draglines). The advanced logistics in place to manage this resource base generates for the company unrivalled reactivity, regardless of the project size.


- Fixed extraction machinery: shovels, draglines
- Mobile extraction equipment: motor scrapers, loaders, bulldozers
- Finishers: power shovels, bulldozers, graders
- Hauling: scrapers, rigid dumpers, articulated dumpers, long-haul trucks, 8-wheel drive trucks
- Ancillary resources: graders, compactors, material processing equipment, cranes, mobile crushers, mixers


Tongon mine Ivory coast - alignment
TGV Chabrillan - power shovel Supermarket in Ajaccio - 2